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Harry Potter Name Meanings

This is for the name meanings of most of the Harry Potter characters.

Alastor (Scottish) - A form of Alexander

Albus (English) - Old; wise protector

Alicia (English) - A familiar form of Alice, which means truthful

Amos [Diggory] (Hebrew) - Burdened, troubled. Bible: an Old Testament prophet

Angelina (Russian) - A short form of Angela, which means "angel; messenger"

Arabella [Figg] (Latin) - Beautiful altar

Armando [Dippet] (Spanish) - A form of Armand, which means noble soldier

Arthur (Irish) - Noble; lofty hill. (Scottish) - bear. (English) - rock. (Icelandic) - follower of Thor

Bellatrix (Latin) - Beautiful, blessed, happy; bringer of joy

Bill (German) - A short form of William, which means determined guardian

Cedric (English) - Battle chieftain

Charlie (German) - A farmilar form of Charles, which means "farmer; strong and manly"

Cho (Korean) - Beautiful

Colin (Greek) - A short form of Nicholas (Nicholas means young cub)

Cornelius (Greek) - Cornel tree. (Latin) - Horn-colored

Dean (French) - Leader, (English) - Valley

Dennis (Greek) - Mythology: A follower of Dionysius, the god of wine

Dobby (English) - A familiar form of Robert

Dolores (Spanish) - Sorrowful. Religion: Santa Maria de los Dolores - Saint Mary of sorrows - is the name for the Virgin Mary.

Ernie [Prang] (English) - A familiar form of Ernest

Fleur (French) - Flower

Fred (French) - A short form of Frederick, which means peaceful ruler

George (Greek) - Farmer

Gilderoy (Irish) - Devoted to the King

Ginny (English) - A short form of Genevieve, which means "woman of the people"

Gregory [Goyle] (Latin) - Valiant watchman

Hannah (Hebrew) - Gracious

Harry (English) - A familiar form of Harold (Harold means army ruler)

Hedwig (Teutonic) - Battling

Hermione (Greek) - Earthly

Ignatius [Percy's middle name] (Latin) - Fiery, ardent

James (Hebrew) - Supplanter, substituter

Justin (Latin) - Just, righteous

Katie (English) - A familiar form of Kate, which means pure

Lavender (herb lore) - A sweet smelling plant

Lee (English) - Bull meadow, sheep field. (Chinese) - Plum, poetic.

Lily (Latin, Arabic) - A familiar form of Lilith, Lillian

Lucius (Latin) - Light; bringer of light

Luna (Latin) - Moon

Lupe [close to Lupin] - Wolf

Macnair (Scottish) - Son of the heir

Marietta [Edgecombe] (Italian) - A familiar form of Mane

Marjorie [Dursley] (Greek) - Pearl

Michael [Corner] (Hebrew) - Who is like God

Minerva (Latin) - wise. Mythology: The goddess of wisdom

Molly (Irish) - A familiar form of Mary

Myrtle (Greek) - Dark green shrub

Narcissa [Malfoy] - Daffodil. A feminine form of Narcissus, the mythological youth who fell in love with his own reflection

Neville (French) - New town

Nicholas [Flamel] (Greek) - Victorious people. Religion: The patron saint of children

Nymphadora (Latin) - Nymph, gift

Oliver (Latin) - Olive tree. (Scandinavian) - Kind; affectionate

Olympe [Maxime] (Greek) - Heavenly

Padma (Hindi) - Lotus

Pansy (Greek) - Flower; fragrant. (French) - Thoughtful

Parvati (Hindu) - Daughter of the mountain

Penelope [Clearwater] (Greek) - Weaver. Mythology: the clever wife of Odysseus, a Greek hero

Percy (French) - A familiar form of Percival, which means "pierce the valley; pierce the veil of religious mystery")

Peter (Greek, Latin) - Small rock

Petunia (Native American) - Flower

Rita [Skeeter] (Sanskrit) - Brave, honest

Remus (Latin) - Speedy, quick.

Ronald (Hebrew) - A short form of Reginald. Reginald (English) - King's advisor. An alternate form of Reynold.

Rudolphus (German) - Famous wolf

Seamus (Irish) - A form of James (James means supplanter, substituter)

Severus (French) - Severe

Sirius (Greek) - The Sparking or Scorching One

Susan (Hebrew) - Lily

Sybil (Greek) - Prophet. Mythology - Sibyls were oracles who relayed the messages of the gods.

Terry [Boot] (English) - A familiar orm of Terrance, which means smooth

Tom [Riddle, Inkeeper] (English) - A short form of Thomas, which means twin

Vernon (Latin) - Springlike; youthful

Viktor (Latin) - Victor, conqueror

Vincent [Crabbe] (Latin) - Victor, conqueror

Zacharias [Smith] (German) - A short form of Zachariah, which means "God remembered"

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